Copper cable
F/UTPt Сat 3(5.5e)
Symmetrical communication cable is designed for external laying along the walls of buildings and overhead communication line suspension, as well as for pulling between supports or buildings, inserting and laying inside buildings and structures.

REGULATORY DOCUMENTS: Technical Specifications (TU) BY 800003452.021-2017

      1. Conductive copper core;
      2. Core insulation – polyethylene;
      3. Core wrapping – polyethylene terephthalate film;
      4. Tinned copper wire;
      5. Screen – aluminum polymer tape;
      6. External strength member – steel wire;
      7. Outer sheath – polyethylene.

      • Cable construction details
          • Number of copper insulated cores is from 2 to 8
          • Number of pairs is from 1 to 4
        • Electrical specifications
          • Conductive core diameter is from 0.48 mm to 0.50; 0.52 mm
          • DC electrical resistance of the core is from 11.2 Ohm/100m to 9.5 Ohm/100m (max)
          • Core electrical resistance is min 5 000 М Ω/km
          • Working capacity is max 56 nF/km
          • Resistance difference of the cores is 2% max
          • Wave resistance (1-100 MHz) – 100 ± 15Ω
        • Technical parameters of the cable
          • Operating temperature range is from minus 45 °C to 60 °C
          • Cable service time is not less than 15 years
        Frequency response for category 3 cable
        Frequency response for category 5 cable
        Frequency response for category 5e cable
        Design versions:
        • Sheath of a halogen-free polymer (ng(A)-HF)

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