Copper cable
U/UTP Сat 3(5.5e)
Symmetrical communication cable is designed for installation in telephone conduit, collectors, mines, along the walls of buildings and on air lines; for fixed installation inside buildings; for installation in internal electrical installations, as well as in buildings, structures and closed cable structures; for laying in internal electrical installations, as well as in crowded buildings and structures.

REGULATORY DOCUMENTS: Technical Specifications (TU) BY 800003452.021-2017

      1 - Conductive copper core;
      2 - Core insulation — polyethylene;
      3 - Outer sheath — polyvinyl chloride.

      • Cable construction details
          • Number of copper insulated cores is from 2 to 8
          • Number of pairs is from 1 to 4
        • Electrical specifications
          • Conductive core diameter is from 0.48 mm to 0.50; 0.52 mm
          • DC electrical resistance of the core is from 11.2 Ohm/100m to 9.5 Ohm/100m (max)
          • Core electrical resistance is min 5 000 М Ω/km
          • Working capacity is max 56 nF/km
          • Resistance difference of the cores is 2% max
          • Wave resistance (1-100 MHz) – 100 ± 15Ω
        • Technical parameters of the cable
          • Operating temperature range is from minus 45 °C to 60 °C
          • Cable service time is not less than 15 years
        Frequency response for category 3 cable
        Frequency response for category 5 cable
        Frequency response for category 5e cable
        Design versions:
        • Polyethylene sheath (PE); PVC compound of low flammability (ng(A)-LS); halogen-free polymer (ng(A)-HF)
        • Core wrapping under the sheath

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