Optical cable for laying in soils of all categories, except for those subject to frost deformation, in cable duct lines, on bridges and racks

REGULATORY DOCUMENTS: Technical Specifications (TU) BY 800003452.001-2009
      1- Optical fiber (OF);
      2- Optical module (OM);
      3- Intra-modular hydrophobic filler;
      4- Central strength member (CSM) – fiberglass bar;
      5- Inter-modular hydrophobic filler;
      6- Filling element — insulating cord (may or may not be
      used, depending on cable design);
      7- Inner sheath – polyethylene;
      8- Armor – layer from a steel galvanized wire with
      hydrophobic filler impregnation;
      9- Outer sheath – light-stabilized polyethylene resistant
      to UV radiation.

      • Cable construction details
          • Number of optical fibers in the cable is from 2 to 256
          • Number of fibers in the module * is from 2 to 16
          *-over 12 (16) optical fibers; the optical cable is made of clusters that are wrapped around with a unique polyester thread
        • Operating parameters
          • Operating temperature range * is from minus 50 °C to 60 °C
          • Installation temperature * is from minus 10 °C to 60 °C
          • Transportation and storage temperature * is from minus 40 °C to 60 °C
          • Minimum bend radius during installation and operation — 20xD (D-cable diameter)
          • Cable service time is not less than 25 years
          *-at customer`s request, the temperature range can be increased
        • Technical parameters of the cable
          • Operating temperature range is from minus 50 °C to 60 °C
          • Permissible tensile force is from 1.5 to 20 kN
          • Permissible crushing force – 0.7 kN/cm
          • Dynamic bends — 20 cycles at an angle of ± 90°
          • Axial twist — 5 cycles at an angle of 360° with a length of 2m
          • Impact energy – 10 J
          • Dropping of the hydrophobic compound at the cut — no dropping at temperature above 60 °C
          • Rodent damage resistance — Resistant
        Calculated values of weight and diameter of the cable
        type КСО-КСНЗПБ for 7 kN
        1. Declaration of conformity No. Д-КБ-3406 dated 19.12.2013 (valid until 09.12.2018)
        Design versions:
        • For КСО-КСЦЗПнгБ cable, sheath is made of flame retardant polyethylene, or flame-retardant compound with low-smoke emission, halogen free
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