Exactly one year has passed since Infokabel became the official representative of Minskkabel.
And we have achieved a lot this year.
NEWS 2015
On June 2, 2015, exactly one year has passed since the Infokabel company became the official representative of the Minskkabel Belarusian Plant.
And we have achieved a lot this year. The great work of hundreds of specialists has allowed us to achieve a dominant position in the market and effectively fulfill all the obligations imposed on us. During this time, we opened our own large warehouse, organized and launched a fleet of vehicles, and provided a logistic execution throughout Russia. Last year was quite difficult for the economy of our country. However, Infokabel not only managed to remain its position, but also reached new levels of trade and production. The expansion of the company, the introduction of new technologies, and the growth of sales— this indicates that our representative office and Minskkabel are real professionals who do not give up in front of difficulties and are always ready to go forward.

Thanks sincerely to all our customers for staying with us. Your opinion is very important to us.
And we are developing so that you get all the best. There are much more improvements and new possibilities waiting for us in future. Even those that six months ago seemed impossible. For our part, we guarantee that we will never stop trying to become better and will always provide products of consistent high quality for each of our clients.

We have been formed only a year ago. But we have already achieved and accomplished a lot. We sincerely hope and believe that next year will be even no less productive.

Furthermore, we will be even better, more efficient and more reliable. This is the basis of progress.

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