Exhibition "Information and Communication Technologies"
This spring, a largest specialized exhibition was held.
This spring, a largest specialized exhibition "Information and Communication Technologies" was held, in which we also took part.
The exhibition itself was a jubilee, that's why the scale of it simply amazed the imagination. For the fortieth time representatives of the industry shared their own achievements, exchanged experiences and simply communicated with each other. Such events allow us to develop even more actively so that Infokabel customers get a high-quality modern product. In the course of the event, a cancellation of a postage stamp took place, the issue of which was precisely timed to the jubilee.

It was one of the largest exhibitions in this field.
The representatives of 363 companies from 20 countries of the world arrived to share their experience and gain new ideas from their colleagues. This year, "Information and Communication Technologies" gathered more than 43,000 visitors, industry specialists. The main event is the three-day "Big Media Communication Forum". During its course five information flows and over forty discussion events took place.
The Infokabel specialists are grateful for a wonderful opportunity to attend such an event and get a lot of knowledge. The world is constantly changing. And you can make it a better place only by sharing your experience. We are sure that this is not the last exhibition that we will visit this year in order to continuously develop, improve and keep up with the time. We will definitely inform you about all such events in the news on our website.

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